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Ranks and what they mean for you.

posted Apr 06, 2011 00:37:54 by G4M3R_117
Here is a info plane of what ranks you can achieve and what benefits they have.

Guest: Everyone starts as a guest they are unable to build/destroy blocks.

Player: By applying to become a player you must register an account on G4M3R_117's MC web address and post in the "Player applications." As a Player you are able to use all items except for the following: Flint and steel, Buckets and TNT.

Veteran: Veteran's must have played for at least a week on the server to apply apply for this rank in the "Veteran applications." Veterans can use ALL ingame items. (Must be a player to apply for this rank)

Moderators: Moderators are the binding for this server to survive, without them we would not be able to keep this server from falling into the pits of endless greifing. Mods are able to spawn themselves items, ban people and are the guardians of this server. I and Khalisto will nominate moderators and ask if they would like to join the ranks.

Admin: The ONLY admins in this server you will ever find are "G4M3R_117 and Khalisto. If at any stage anyone else say to be a admin please report him and we will ban him/her.
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